Angry Girlfriend

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Last night, our new living room rug was delivered. It is so gorgeous and I am in love with it.

This morning, a member of our family decided to pee on it. I’m not naming any names here, but I will tell you that it wasn’t me. I wasn’t there when it happened and am sure that I am going to need to do some damage control asap.

I looked at care instructions, and it says ‘dry clean only’. Awesome. So help me out here guys—best way to get stains out of a brand new rug without dry cleaning? Is there a super product I can buy?

  1. hershyscorner said: DO NOT USE NATURES MIRACLE OR RESOLVE they contain bleach. Blot as well as possible, use 1/2 distilled vinegar 1/2 water to erase the odor. Let sit then blot again. Also, you can try an ‘oxy’ stain remover that you’d use on your laundry!!!
  2. buildingaladder said: My parents always used Nature’s Miracle. I actually had to use it on a brand new mattress when a cat decided to pee on it. Ugh. I’m pretty sure it is color/fabric safe, but double check.
  3. ilikeyourwigjanice said: Make sure you get something (pet smart has tons) specific for animal pee so they don’t keep coming back. I used carpet cleaner on my dry clean only rug when fattie had a hairball on it within 2 hours of it arriving and the carpet cleaner didnt mess up the rug.
  4. umcanyounot said: God dammit Mike
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