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blk Water: A Review

My bottle was received as a gift from internet bestie @JulieQ. It got lost amidst all of the bottles of booze in my fridge and uncovered last night during the big pack. It was the perfect time to try it; I was extremely thirsty and was about to watch part one of the RHONJ Reunion.

I was apprehensive to drink it; it is REALLY black and that’s very off-putting. It doesn’t have a flavor and didn’t seem to turn my teeth or tongue black, although I only drank about a 1/3 of the bottle. It was quite possibly my imagination, but it seemed like the texture was slightly off and left me with a weird feeling in my mouth.

All in all, not horrible, but not something that I plan to buy when I am thirsty!

  1. bee-arthur said: I agree, we sell them all over the place here in MN, and when my husband and I tried it last year we couldn’t get over the color or texture. it just isn’t appetizing when i want ice cold water, and instead im drinking something that looks like sludge
  2. cmconnors said: Oh! I’ve been dying to try it, glad you reviewed it! I kind of figured that would be the case about a funny texture- and I duno, I’m not sure I could get behind BLACK water! eeek!
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