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I'm not really angry and I'm no longer a girlfriend. Interested in French Bulldogs, manicures, seasonally themed candy, husbands and ruminations on reality TV? Then you came to the right place!

It’s taken us about 8 months to get our act together, but we’re just now finally sharing all of our wedding stuff on social media. We did a huge photo upload on Facebook and I’m so excited that I have a link to our wedding video to share!

I think that it’s so lovely and perfectly captured our day!

Spoiler: My favorite part is when Michael asks if he can kiss me. I tear up every time!

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  2. meowchirpbark said: Cutest wedding video ever. So much love.
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    I haven’t met a more fun and loving family than the Germano/Iacobazzo family. That wedding was a one in a lifetime,...
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    This wedding was one of the best I’ve ever been to. The energy, the love, everything. I hope that one day mine will be...
  5. kayareyoutee said: you, your dress are gorgeous and this video was beautiful!
  6. supermarks said: So adorable and perfect! And making me kick myself even more for not having a videographer!!!
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    Someday my kids are going to go on @vimeo and watch my wedding video. For now all you lucky people get the opportunity....
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